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Posters are large prints on photo paper.

There are numerous photo papers with different properties.

glossy vs. matte

It depends on the final use.

matte poster

The poster is matt over the entire surface.

This matt surface absorbs light, which means that there are fewer reflections. This is particularly useful if the poster is hung in a light-flooded room with a lot of bright "disturbing" surroundings.

However, the absorbed light does not make the colors as strong as on a smooth one.

smooth poster

If you want to frame the poster and it is behind glass, the glass is already reflecting and a poster in matt has lost its effect.

In this case, a smooth poster can confidently be used.

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The canvas as an old classic (also called canvas) has a painting-like character thanks to its artistic character.

As the name suggests, the picture is printed on a canvas.

This canvas is then stretched on a high-quality, FSC-certified spruce frame. The protruding pages are folded over and attached to the back.

The standard wooden frame is 2 cm thick, which guarantees easy assembly.

The premium frame can be 4-8 cm thick. This depends on the size and the effect of the picture motif, because the motif is placed on the pages by folding it over. This gives the canvas expressiveness and stability for large formats.

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With the Alu-Dibond, two thin, yet stable aluminum plates serve as the base carrier.

The picture is then printed on it with a special process. The corners of the print are of course rounded and polished.

There are two possibilities here again


The matt surface absorbs light, which means that there are fewer reflections. This is particularly helpful if the aluminum print is hung in a light-flooded room, where there is a bright and "disturbing" environment.

In contrast to posters, aluminum prints create a depth effect, since light areas are not matted by the print. This also helps an authentic color reproduction
This means that image motifs can be particularly staged.


Alu-Dibond can also be printed glossy (laminated photo paper). This high-gloss effect makes the colors appear bright and saturated. In addition, the details are razor-sharp thanks to the HD printing on high-quality photo paper, which is then applied to the Alu-Dibond plate.

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Prints on acrylic have a high-contrast and strong color rendering, as the picture print is printed on the back of an acrylic sheet, which also creates a kind of depth effect .

In addition, the acrylic sheet serves as protection, which means that the print is very durable and can be used, for example, for splash protection in kitchens.

In addition, the print is slightly "translucent" when light comes in from behind. So I used, for example, this print for my windows as a decorative privacy screen .

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