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The classic

The canvas as an old classic (also called canvas) has a painting-like character thanks to its artistic character.

As the name suggests, the picture is printed on a canvas.

This canvas is then stretched on a high-quality, FSC-certified spruce frame. The protruding pages are folded over and attached to the back.

The standard wooden frame is 2 cm thick, which guarantees easy assembly.

The premium frame can be 4-8 cm thick. This depends on the size and the effect of the picture motif, because the motif is placed on the pages by folding it over. This gives the canvas expressiveness and stability for large formats.


The attachment of a canvas can be realized:

- with two horizontal nails, screws in the wall

(direct placement on the frame) **

- a cord attached to the frame on the back of the canvas

& at least one nail in the wall **

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Images can be printed on many things





Quality and sustainability have the highest priority.

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