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Prints on acrylic have a high-contrast and strong color rendering, as the picture print is printed on the back of an acrylic sheet, which also creates a kind of depth effect .

In addition, the acrylic sheet serves as protection, which means that the print is very durable and is used, for example, for splash protection in kitchens.

In addition, the print is easy to show through when light comes in from behind. So I used, for example, this print for my windows as a decorative privacy screen .


The acrylic print can be attached to the wall using an aluminum frame glued to the back and two screws + dowels. **

There is also the option of fixing all four edges with a bracket and attaching them to the wall. This can also be removed without leaving any residue, as the acrylic print is only clamped in. (more on this follows)

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In this example, you can see the rectangular fastening shining through, making a fastening system not recommended for this application.

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